05 October 2014

Sewing in the last year

The last year was not a prolific sewing year, but I did do one BIG project and one small project that have seen a lot of play. The first was a makeover of the IKEA play tent. I followed this tutorial and found it super helpful.

play tent

To be honest, this project took me well out of my sewing comfort zone. I don't really like working with huge pieces of fabric (having to lay them out on the living room floor was the only option and not convenient) and sewing around the hoop frames was tricky (at least on my machine). I do need to do a couple small fixes, nearly a year after "completing" the tent. I was way too generous with the height of the fabric walls because I was concerned about not having enough to attach well and as a result, the tent has a tendency to shift and list to the side. I also need to add in some seams that I foolishly skipped in the top that act as stoppers for the tent poles. The Wee Lass has not found these minor issues to interfere with playing, but it definitely needs stitching by hand at some point.

felt strawberries

The other project was some small felt play food strawberries. Embroidering all the seeds (which I did before stuffing and sewing) took an obscenely long time, but the result is adorable. Here's the tutorial that I followed.

Photographs and artwork by Allison Gryski. © All rights reserved.


Becca McCallum said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, those strawberries are adorable, and far more creative than my recent sewing - I darned my jeans, go me.

Beata said... Best Blogger Tips

Allison, your tent is adorable!! I love your choice of fabrics... I'm not surprised your daughter loves it

Beata xox
PS Congrats on your pregnancy!